[Glade-devel] Is the TODO accurate?

Andrew J. Montalenti wrote:

I've never done work on Glade3 before, but would like to.  I'm wondering
if the TODO list in the latest CVS of Glade is accurate.  In particular,
I'd like to work on these tasks:

* Implement file opened history feature...
* The tree view does not remember if the "leafs" are opened or closed
when switching between projects, or when reconstructing it...

Has anyone already started work on them?


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I don't think anyone has started work on file opened history feature, 
but i could be wrong.

and your second point brings a neat idea to mind.  Should session 
management and project state information be tied together.
In otherwords, each project carries with it information about the 
position of each of its windows and information about the structure of
the Widget heirarchy.  This is much different then the session 
management now implemented in the latest glade 2.6.x.  I can imagine 
using the
.gladep files for this information.  What are peoples thoughts about this?


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