[Glade-devel] Glade 3 roadmap

David M. Cook asked:
      * Handle non-widgets, which Tristan understands & will be handling

Would this include EntryCompletions and SizeGroups?

    I wasn't aware of there existance, but thankyou for pointing me some
existing examples of what I need to support :)

Shane Butler wrote:
What are the benefits of moving to libglade?
 - Less code to maintain overall (ofcourse that means less bugs, both
   projects should benefit from eachother this way).
 - Ganaunteed exact replicas of created glade files

Also will libglade allow this in its current state? (Or is this what
is being investigated?)

This is being investigated, but I assume there will have to be some
slight modifications to libglade, we cant have the best of all worlds
without doing a little work  ;-p


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