[Glade-devel] Glade 3 roadmap

So after various discussion with various people, I've got a tentative
roadmap for glade3 I'd like to share.

Right now, there are three main bins: first milestone, near milestones,
and distant future.

This first milestone is mainly a first pass to try and get everything
more or less working so that people can hopefully start considering
glade3 for real-life use.

Right now, the big issues for that are:
      * Fix notebook pages (156412), which Shane Butler is looking into
      * Fix widget tree (145299)
      * Fix the menu editor (127149), which David Hoover is looking into
      * Fix Save/Load issues (no bugs currently filed, need to pin down
      * Fix Undo/Redo issues (156515)
      * Misc small bugs (151846,153823,154956,154515,etc)

This list will also expand to contain any other relevent things that
crop up through usage (Neil Zanella starting to heavily bang on it, for

For near future milestones (to be sorted and turned into real milestones
at a later date) we have:
      * Use libglade for loading/saving (156512,156513), which Ivan Wong
        is looking into
      * Session management (142176), which Todd Fisher is looking into
      * Recent file support (156514)
      * GtkFixed issues (drag resize/drag move/paste into it/etc); hairy
        and will require some serious thought & rework of some
      * Optional grid-style palette (the single column list of widgets
        is REALLY huge, and basically unusable without adequate screen
        real estate)
      * Handle non-widgets, which Tristan understands & will be handling

And then there are the distant pie-in-the-sky things, which are not
really on anyone's radar right now, but are worth keeping in the back of
our minds, since we'll hopefully eventually get to them
      * Templates (i.e. support templates for HIG-compliant dialogs, etc
      * Customizable palettes: right now we ship what order to display
        the widgets in, what groups they fall into, etc. Letting people
        make their own ones with the things they actually commonly use
        would be nice
      * Gimp 2.0-style dialogs; I'd really like to see dockable things
        like that, so I could have multiple floating windows with my
        customized palettes, etc. I don't know the current plans with
        that sort of stuff, but hopefully there's some plan to get it
        incorporated into gtk+ at some point
      * GtkTreeview editting (131382), which will need some thought,
        some changes to libglade, etc.

Comments? Suggestions? Volunteers?

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