[Glade-devel] Glade 3 targeting gtk 2.4 or gtk 2.6?

On Tue, 02 Nov 2004 22:18:32 +1100, Shane Butler
<shane_b users sourceforge net> wrote:
If possible could we please require a lower number and use
GTK_MAJOR_VERSION and GTK_MINOR_VERSION to disable rather than setting a
higher version number??? Especially when it comes to non-critial
features like a most recent list and the file dialog...

Currently, one of my boxes has FC1. The reason glade-3 doesnt compile on
this box is because GtkFileChooser is used or open and save of .glade
file operations and my box has 2.2.x. Attached is patch that lets you
compile - it just reverts to using GtkFileSelector if you dont have 2.4
by using the version macros described above.

What do people think about this approach? Obviously if there is some
nasty bug or core feature that is blocked we would have to cut our
losses and just enforce the higher version number...

I think that sounds reasonable.

Neil Zanella wrote:
I'm no expert here but given that glade produces XML files
and will not generate code in the future this becomes a libglade
issue doesn't it?

    libglade only needs to be extended in the future with new widget
type definitions (as everything to do with properties is very generic, we 
can just feed more new properties and they will magicly end up on the
g_object_newv() arg list).

glade-3 OTOH, needs to know the intricate differences from one version
to the next, maybe some properties to some objects will be added, some
will be depricated, all that stuff probably needs to have some metadata
around it in the xml catalog (Since we could no longer simply rely on the
properties of the widgets that are instantiated at runtime, since thier versions
may not match to version of the requested glade file).

I'm not sure we're so very close to that feature :-/


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