[Glade-devel] Automating the Glade Application

Hi All,
       I have certain requirement and need your help if i can acheive that using glade.

I have one application which is using username and password field and allow the user to login. I am using 
libglade here and i am loading the Ui using XML. Now my requirement is I do not want the user to provide the 
username and password for login to the application each time, but i need some way I can provide the username 
and password from the list depending upon which user is currently running the application. I have tried 
reading the .glade file and it is clearly mentioned the tag as 
 <property name="text" translatable="yes"></property>
which is a username tag, but i need this information to be filled dynamically. It is a some sort of SSO i 
want to acheive for the application. Is there any way by which i can get the XML tags using libglade for 
running application and can modify these tags.

It is similar to getting the windows handle and windows details in Microsoft Windows.

Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks & regards,
Aman Sharma.

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