[Glade-devel] Re-ordering the glade-3 palette

--- Paolo Borelli <pborelli katamail com> wrote:
I think that truly obsolete widgets, as
Gtk[C]{List,Tree} should just be removed.  If
really wants to use them, he's on his own.  We
need to make it easy.

Yeah, again 100% agree.

My only little concern is what happens when you try
to open a glade
project which uses these widget?

That's not a big problem.  We will still ship it in
the catalog, but without the generic_name attribute. 
The practical effect is that it will not show in the
palette (I think, I have to check it :-)

But we will still be able to handle it if it's in the
glade file.  The properties will be correctly handled,
you can click at it, copy & paste, etc.

They will just don't show at the palette.


Joaquin Cuenca Abela
e98cuenc at yahoo dot com

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