[Glade-devel] Re-ordering the glade-3 palette

--- Paolo Borelli <pborelli katamail com> wrote:
On Wed, 2004-02-04 at 01:48 -0800, Joaquin Cuenca
Abela wrote:
Ok, I will try to categorize as:


Yes, I mostly like this. Some minor suggestion

Dialogs are usually fully constructed (file
dialog, the color chooser dialog, etc), so you
have to go back to base to pick additional

We can also name obsolete "Miscellaneous", and put
there the rulers, the color chooser, etc.

If we pass some widgets from base to advanced (the
layout, drawing area), we should be able to slim a
base, yet retaining there the most used widgets.

I'm still fully open to suggestions...

I'd say to use "Additional" instead of "Advanced"
and put there some
stuff like separators etc which are not widely used,
but neither are

Seems good to me.  I agree.

IMHO "Obsolete" should remain separate and only
contain deprecated

What about widgets that are going to be deprecated?
There are a bunch of widgets in gtk+ that are just
gimp legacy (gamma, rulers, etc.), and the docs state
that in the future they will be put in a separate
library.  So even if they are not "obsolete" in a
strict sense (there is no new widget that does what
the old widget did), I will still want to put them in
the "Obsolete" category (or Miscellaneous).

I think that truly obsolete widgets, as
Gtk[C]{List,Tree} should just be removed.  If someone
really wants to use them, he's on his own.  We don't
need to make it easy.

About "Dialogs", do you plan to put also the normal
dialog container
there? I think it should stay in base together with
GtkWindow and thus,
to make things clearer, I'd label the catalog
"Standard Dialogs" or
something like that.

ok, no problem.


Joaquin Cuenca Abela
e98cuenc at yahoo dot com

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