[Glade-devel] GIMP Docking Code in glade

Mark wrote:

On Tue, 2003-05-27 at 20:08, Joaquin Cuenca Abela wrote:
Paolo wrote:

Il lun, 2003-05-26 alle 23:36, Mark Finlay ha scritto:
Glade3 is looking really nice, the mdi is great, hope to
see support
for "recently opened projects", but the basic UI is still
the same :/

support for recent project is not difficult to add, but currently 
glade-3 depends only on gtk (no gnome libs dependencies) while 
egg-recent is gnome specific... We tried to not have #ifdef GNOME 
around but maybe we can make an exception here... what do 
you think?

I don't care too much if we depend on egg until we release 
a version, 
as anyway nobody but developers are supposed to use the cvs 
But we should drop the dependency as soon as we release.

The used code from egg will then be copy & pasted.  It sucks, but I 
don't want to depend on an unstable library.

No-one ever "installs" egg so it's not a library that one can 
depend on. It _must_ be copy and pasted. Most people have 
scripts in the module that import the code.

I'm glad to learn it :-)
I though that the lib was being used as the old libgal...


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