[Glade-devel] [LONG] Glade and Anjuta

Hi Eric:

Your project sounds interesting. I compiled the CVS version. Some random

1. It seems that it is a single executable. How about making the windows
into widgets and having a glade3-devel with the widgets in one so
package and some headers for programs that want to integrate the

2. The widget stuff looks nice. It seems all the stuff about widgets is
stored in XML files in the widgets subdirectory - one XML per widget.
But how do you plan to handle widgets that are not in libgtk2.so ? Do
you specify a g-module name and a set of widgets that the module
contains ?)

3. GUI editing seems a bit messed up. Toolbars/menubars don't work, for
example. menu editor is missing ? I hope you're working on that.

4.  Do you have any timeframe for a stable version ? How active is this
project ?

I think the glade developers and anjuta developers need to get together
(maybe use a common ML/IRC channel) and discuss the issues related to
Glade/IDE integration. We normally hangout on #anjuta and #devel-apps
and on anjuta-devel and gnome-devtools MLs.

And finally, It somehow seems to be a pity to throw away glade
altogether which is so stable and works pretty well. Can't we just
refactor glade to satisfy our requirements ? What happened to glade2 ?
Is there any chance that glade2 or glade3 will replace glade as the
standard GUI builder for GNOME in the near future ?



Biswapesh Chattopadhyay wrote:
Hi all


I was workink on the new glade 3 , because I saw thet nothing changed a
long time ago. (but, it always difficult to go inside a program written
by another person, and it takes time)

This program uses a new approach, and use dynamic generation of the
properties, signals, and widgets.

All the widgets are described in separate xml files, very simple to parse.

So it could be easy to add different widget (gnome, home made, bononbo).

The program is not yet working well, many bugs and features not working,
but the framework looks good.

I wanted to modify this program, and add the gnome part (not included).

The problem with code generation was that we have a very BIG glade file
. I want to have a xml file for every top widget, and maybe, for some
parts, we could want to separate these parts from the project ( for
example, to adapt one part of the gui to different countries  which have
different vues of the same problem).

Only ideas (from now) , but needed very quicly for gnome !!!

Maybe, it could be necessary to plan in a group the features, the
architecture (framework), and after that, only code the program.

The framework could be such a way to permit to include the glade program
to be independant, to be included in another program.

Hope this help,

and hope that yhis program will quickly be on the way,

********************Eric Streit wanadoo fr****************

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