[Glade-devel] [patch, glade3] fix assert on new window

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paolo borelli
Envoy=E9 : mardi 22 avril 2003 14:38
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Objet : [Glade-devel] [patch, glade3] fix assert on new window
Every time I add a new toplevel window to a project I get the=20
(glade-3:6729): Gtk-CRITICAL **: file gtkwindow.c: line 1905
(gtk_window_set_type_hint): assertion `!GTK_WIDGET_VISIBLE=20
(window)' failed
The attached patch seems to fix it... since I'm not really=20
familiar with the code in glade-command.c check carefully if=20
it does not have bad side effects.

The patch look perfectly right to me.  The gtk_widget_show is enforced
anyway after we set the initial properties of the widgets.  The problem
was that some of these properties should not been set with a visible
widget (thus the assert).

Committed (along with your other patch).


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