[gitg] GSoC: Weekly report 2


And week has passed so quickly! So here's what I have been up to:

1. Infobar feature for Gitg
- It was accepted and pushed to master. [1]
- Next iteration of this patch will be to use GtkRevealer.

2. Redirecting all currently silent errors (and those that get pushed to stdout) to the new Infobar.
- Currently there is discussion going on how best to implement the infobar in Gitg so we can use it not just to display errors in Dash View but also probably for showing info in History View too. [2]

3. Other tasks:
3.1 I am porting jquery in Gitg to version 2.x
3.2 I will write a function that prints to stdout by how many commits is the currently viewed branch ahead of master?

4. Format-patch
There are two functions available in libgit2 API [3][4] that are of interest to this feature but they are not binded in libgit2-glib. Since I haven't done bindings before, this week I will be binding those functions in libgit2-glib's ggit-diff.c file.

I also came to this sort of work-flow enlightenment. Whatever feature I will be pushing to master, I want it's simplest working iteration first. Then the next iteration can be a better version of the same. For the format-patch feature I figured what could be more minimal than listening to clicks :)

Single click lets you select the commits in History View to see the diff in the Diff View bottom pane. A double click on the commit will give you a patch file for the commit in that directory :) First iteration, simple to achieve and working feature!

Next iteration will be to discuss the UI for this feature with the developers and make a bit of modifications to the code to accomodate the design. This is the phase when UI comes in with simple options. Next phase will be more options for generating patches in a bunch or individually based on the selection. I am generally picking up tiny features to implement along with my main task along the way. I have found working like this very goal oriented and enjoyable!

Please note: I will be taking a bit of break from GSoC work from this Friday to 10th July due to final exams. I will be back to full time work once that is done. I hope this is OK.

[1] https://git.gnome.org/browse/gitg/commit/?id=a5972bd72c9f7ce495bdbc0c61f0e9262c519afe
[2] https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=702666
[3] http://libgit2.github.com/libgit2/#HEAD/group/diff/git_diff_patch_to_str
[4] http://libgit2.github.com/libgit2/#HEAD/group/diff/git_diff_get_patch

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