Re: [gitg] gitg trac website offline?

2012/6/14 Jesse van den Kieboom <jesse icecrew nl>:
> 2012/6/14 Michael Nagel <ubuntu nailor devzero de>
>> Hi again,
>> I slightly favor just using the gnome wiki as a webpage
>> (because it is good enough and even less work to maintain).
>> Anyways, I uploaded what I did last year to:
>> so it can be used by everyone (it is nothing special, though).
> I think using the wiki as a website is really not a good
> idea, it doesn't convey structured information very well. I would like to
> see a standalone website on either or on a separate site.
>> I think the most important thing is a definite decision (by Jesse),
>> because I think either approach will work,
>> and the most important thing is to *actually do* one thing or the other...
> That, of course, is very true. But let's try at least to avoid doing work
> twice.

I definitively share the position of Michael: gitg need a webpage
"now". I'm now familiar with, but I'm quite sure it is
sufficient to host a "bussiness card" project page. IMHO, the content
of the prototype is quite good.
Eventualy, remove the News section if this site is not planned to
live. Perhaps, even screenshots can be removed as they need effort to
keep in sync.

This action can certainly be done in few minutes. Then, people can
create a smarter site elsewere and simply add a link from the instance.

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