Re: Annotation for asynchronous functions

On Sun, 2018-02-11 at 19:41 +0000, philip chimento gmail com wrote:
So, the example would become

  * foo_bar_decide_async: (finish-func foo_bar_decide_finish) (sync-
func foo_bar_decide):
  * @self: a #FooBar
  * @blah: a #FooBlah
  * @cancellable: (nullable): a #GCancellable
  * @callback: a #GAsyncResultCallback
  * @data: data to pass to @callback

with the understanding that in this example, both annotations would
actually be unnecessary since they would be correctly picked up by
the heuristics.


For completeness, how about an (async-func) annotation on the sync
function? Maybe that should only be an attribute in the GIR, not an
annotation, since it can be determined automatically from the sync-
func annotation/heuristic?

I think (async-func) should definitely be an attribute in the GIR, but
I can’t immediately see a need for it in the annotation syntax. As you
say, it should be possible to determine it automatically from the other

Note that linking from the finish-func back to the original async
function isn't possible, since g_file_replace_contents_finish() is
the finish-func for two async operations.


Philip 4

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