Annotation for pointer plus GDestroyNotify

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Annotation for pointer plus GDestroyNotify:

tl;dr: there isn't currently a way to annotate g_memory_input_stream_new_from_data() correctly. The bindings need to know that the destroy parameter refers to the data parameter, but the (destroy) annotation is currently only valid in combination with callbacks.

I propose a (destroy-pointer PARAM) annotation, used like so:

 * g_memory_input_stream_new_from_data:
 * @data: (array length=len) (element-type guint8) (transfer full): input data
 * @len: length of the data, may be -1 if @data is a nul-terminated string
 * @destroy: (destroy-pointer data) (nullable): function that is called to free @data, or %NULL

The value of PARAM is the name of another function parameter. PARAM is required (unlike with the existing (destroy) annotation where it can be guessed.) This translates into a destroy-pointer="POS" annotation in the GIR.

Philip C

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