[Gimp-web] "completely different, much more secure solution"

Having not been to the plugin registry for many years, but having just
recently written few of my own, I was perplexed to see the current state of
the index page for the site.. even more so when using the wayback machine
to try to suss out exactly what it means. I find some talk of an apparent
spam deluge, some general drupal misgivings, and something about the
current "site owner."

I' not trying to be lazy, and in fact write because I am hopeful that
perhaps I can help find a solution, however it doesn't seem productive to
have to keep searching mail archives to try to find a concise summary for
what has obviously been at least a year-long issue. Can someone direct me
to a document or thread that explains the issues that need solving?

If my efforts are not needed, or whatever the case may be, perhaps
something more descriptive than the current index page could be considered.
If you don't already know, presently, and for quite a while according to
the Wayback Machine, it says

We need to create a completely different, much more secure solution. This
is going to take some time, and we'd appreciate your help. Please email to
the gimp-web@ <https://mail.gnome.org/archives/gimp-web-list/> mailing
list, if you want to help us."

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