Re: [Gimp-web] Getting involved with the "Get Involved" web page

Hi Andrew!

On Wed, Oct 21, 2015 at 12:56 PM Andrew Toskin <andrew tosk in> wrote:

I'd like to contribute to the GIMP documentation, including the main website. I figure the first place I'd like to start would be
clarifying *how to contribute*. The "Get Involved" page <> does a good job of listing the varieties
of ways people can contribute, but does not talk much about how to
actually do it.

Careful!  I was a casual user until I mentioned I would like to help.  They
chained me to a wall and next thing I knew I was re-building a website. :)

For example, what is the preferred workflow for making and submitting
edits? I see that the files are managed the git repository at
<>... Is there was a way for
people outside the development team to send pull requests, like on
GitHub? mitch, on the #gimp IRC, suggested that new contributors
probably have to start out by submitting patch files to the mailing
list until they've proven themselves. If that's true, then I would send
you a patch which adds an explanation of this process to the "Get
Involved" page. Or, if there's a simpler way, let's talk about that.

What do you think?

Yes, the preferred method until you're known and trusted is likely to get
the website from git, make your proposed changes and send a patch to the
mailing list.

Do note that we are in the process of migrating the site to a different
back-end infrastructure - so your patch _may_ be better aimed at (in the gimp-web-static branch of gimp-web).  Feel free to
poke me if you need further instructions (because I still haven't written
the README that jimmac suggested a over a month ago).


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