[Gimp-web] Gimp is unusable

I just finally got Gimp uninstalled, and wanted to write to tell you how mad I am at the h\ell you put me 
through for the past two days. What a piece of crap application. What a piece of crap installer. What a 
pieces of crap Help plugin. Not a single one of the things works, and there is not clear and succinct way to 
figure it out if one is not a career developer.

It is very wrong of you guys to represent this as a good app when you make it 100% unusable by multiple bad 
installs, corrupted installs, everything and anything about this is a failure. You expect one to spend a year 
or two reading endless amount of stuff - so I can instead install every piece manually. And then, only to 
find out pieces are corrupted anyway. This is inexcusable. This is offensive. This is very wrong for you to 
do this to people. This is crap. I should be applauding your efforts, but instead what you have done is 
impose a horror, and I can only now vent my anger at you for doing that tome and wasting so much of time time 
and cause so much aggravation. What the fuck ins the point of an installer if it installs everything wrong!? 
And I have to be a developer to figure out where to put all the wrongly installed parts. I'm not interested 
in suing Gimp because I'm a developer -- no one is. We are graphics people, not code writers and

And the Website is useless. Information cannot be had there. Nothing can be found there. You even have forums 
- no button for forums. You have plugins - no button for plugins. You have a year's worth of reading there - 
I'm not going to do that! I'll it is about 15 minutes. If this isn't ready to install and us, if I need to 
read tons of stuff for a year to be able to get int installed and working, then it is crap - and you are too 
for imposing that crap on others. 

Even your Help menu won't install so that it can actually be opened and used! Now that is just plain stupid.  
guess I need a second Help menu to help me get the first one working. And probably a third to get the second 
one working.

And pretty much zero idea of how to communicate -- so nothing on the Web is useable to help even if I wanted 
to spend a year reading it. There should be no reason for all that. When it is installed via the installer, 
it should be ready to go,not now need to start developing it so that in a year it might actually work.

Gee, I can't even open a simple .psd file. I also learn I can't open a file created in cmyk -- and since I 
can't even find plugins, I can't find one to fix that. This is not acceptable - I can't not be able to use 
half the pics out thee because you don't have what is needed top open them! 

I thought I was presented the idea that this is install and play. No, this is install and then read 500,000 
pages of nothing on the Web to finally get through it all and find out your question was not there so was not 
answered -- and there is no way but this e-mail to contact anyone, no place to even give feedback direct to 
the developers, not in a forum to ask a question and keep chasing that down for days or weeks. 

I installed, using the Windows installer -- it installed things int he wrong places! All the .dll files in 
bin I learn after a ton of wanted time belong in Windows/System32. I spent most of a day before I was able to 
realize that and move them all over.

I wish I could applaud your efforts. Instead, you have caused such a horror, such a huge waste of time, such 
aggravations that all I have to say to you is : fuck you.

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