Re: [Gimp-web] Drupal vulnerability... (

Hi Pat, and all,

thanks for understanding :-)

Regarding a static site, I'm not entirely sure Drupal can be mirrored
easily, but I've started a mirroring process and will have a look at the
result tomorrow (it's taking a while...). I'll keep you posted.


On Thu, Nov 13, 2014 at 6:15 PM, Pat David <patdavid gmail com> wrote:

Hi Ingo!

I'm CC'ing the list as your email came in off-list.

I completely understand, and was somewhat aware that you were winding
things down. :)

At the moment, I was wondering if there would be a way to 'freeze' the
current state of the registry as a static site, and to leave it in place
for the time being?  This way the registry itself can stay online (though
not-functional for dynamic use), until we can find a new
home/leader/implementation that makes the most sense moving forward.

I know there was some discussion around how best to utilize it moving
forward, and I have some thoughts around this that I'll detail in a later

For now, I will go investigate what might be required to generate a static
site to de-couple the registry from Drupal so we can avoid any issues with
vulnerabilities for the time being.

Oh, and thank you, thank you, thank you for maintaining it for so long! :)


On Thu Nov 13 2014 at 11:09:28 AM Ingo Lütkebohle <iluetkeb gmail com>


unfortunately this is not fixed, yet.

As many if you know, I no longer have time to maintain the registry. For
a while I was content in just letting it run, but with security problems
such as this one, I am uncomfortable doing so any longer.

If a responsible someone else (or a group) could host and maintain the
site, I'd be happy to hand it over. Alternatively, I could also give
someone just the plugin files and meta-data, for import into another site.

If nobody steps up within the next few weeks, I think I will have to shut
it down, as sad as that would make me. I would keep the data around for
later recovery, however.

Best Regards,

Am 30.10.2014 20:51 schrieb "Pat David" <patdavid gmail com>:

I am wondering if should be updated and/or taken
until an upgrade or alternate solution is in place?

pat david

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