Re: [Gimp-web] New Workflow

On 16.07.2014 23:32, Pat David wrote:
Hi all!

So, should we be pushing changes to wgo into "Testing" now (I believe that
should be correct)?  Also, do the changes pushed into testing get pushed
into master at some point?  How is this triggered at the moment?

I'm getting ready to start updating a few more tutorials, but want to make
sure I'm pushing the changes to the right place...

The point of the testing branch - built automatically to every five minutes - is to be able to view
changes online and fast and not touch the production environment, that

There aren't many rules and processes around this (more and more people
almost seem to insist that we add rules and processes around each and
every aspect of the GIMP project).

So this is really just to address the challenges of "I want to see my
change without having a full gimp-web build setup locally" and "what
happens if I change this, will it break".

As such. moving any change from the testing branch to the master branch
- built to every 15 minutes - is just a merge from
the testing to the master branch.

for the principle for merging branches in Git.

We haven't got any procedures in place to decide whether some content
should be in or not.

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