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Thanks for your response, Michael

Yes, this is a OS X-specific problem with this build:
Others downloads, could have incomplete translations according to translation percentage: but these incomplete translations can be solved easily for the community.
The plugins translations is a more complexe problem.

About the plugin's translations, I'm interested in this question.
How can plugin's authors add translations to gnome damned-lies?

Thanks a lot!


2013/5/28 Michael Schumacher <schumaml gmx de>
is this a OS X-specific problem?

I write to this list because I have seen than the official Gimp's
webpage offers a build with some extra plugins. I think that's a great
idea, but we're offering Gimp with incomplete translations.

Is this the one hosted at, or (probably not, as this one is described as "stock GIMP build without python or any add-ons")?

I want to propose:
a) Add a warning in webpage that could clarify that this version is not
completely translated.

Or maybe a message that tells users where and how they can help to complete the translations? See also d)

b) Remove this build of Gimp of download's webpage

Um... why? Then we would have to remove all links to all downloads because all of them contain translations that are not complete.

c) [my preference option] Add strings of these plugins for translating
in Gnome damned-lies.

... strings for third-party plug-ins in the gnome repository?

I would like to know what do you think.

I'd suggest

d) tell more plug-in authors about translations and how they can add them

For option c) perhaps you can't help me in this list. In this case,
where do you think that I can make this suggestion (developer list, to
open a bug...) ?

Thanks a lot!

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