Re: [Gimp-web] [Gimp-docs] Proposed gimp tutorial

Dear Stephen,

Take a look at the attached documents and scripts. Let me know if this idea
is something that sounds interesting. The *.odt format files are open
office writer format.
the best way to go with this is to become a maintainer of your content.
That means, you'll need to learn how to provide your tutorials as:

    * patches for the gimp-web module
     ( to add your tutorials to
     the current website
    * update them if necessary
    * provide them in a format compatible with gimp-web

At the moment a lot of people on the project only have limited spare.
That means, that a small group needs to maintain a lot of resources. If
you can learn and start maintain your content in a compatible way with
our current infrastructure, it'll be very helpful.

That'll also put you in the position to move the documentation forward -
perhaps towards a way that makes it easier for new contributors to join?

I hope that summary helps.

Kind Regards,
Roman Joost
email: romanofski gimp org

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