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Well, actually our collegues voted for GIMP so we can not sponsor anything else now...:)
(we hold such kind of voting in every quarter-year)

Anyway, the question is how much should we wire to be recoginized as "Sponsors" on this page?

According to the GNOME page ( it should be $500-$1200, do these categories apply here as well?


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On Fri, Feb 8, 2013 at 1:54 AM, Simon Budig wrote:

>> however we are not sure about the requirements of these âDonorâ
>> categories...
> I am actually not sure if there are fixed criteria for that page, 
> maybe Alexandre has some more insight into that, although it looks a bit like
> it has grown organically...   :)

None whatsoever. That was way before my time. Some of those were added in early 2000s, if not late 1990s. Typically the difference is in the amount of money donated, but you are well aware of that :)

> However, I'd also like to invite you to consider sponsoring the Libre 
> Graphics Meeting. At least they have clear-cut conditions, outlined at 


Alexandre Prokoudine
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