Re: [Gimp-web] Sponsorship

Hi Janos.

Janos Biro (janos euedge com) wrote:
> Our company would like to sponsor the GIMP project,

Great to hear that.

> however we are not sure about the requirements of these âDonorâ
> categories...

I am actually not sure if there are fixed criteria for that page, maybe
Alexandre has some more insight into that, although it looks a bit like
it has grown organically...   :)

Rest assured that a four-figure amount definitively would ensure your
appearance on this side as a sponsor, and I'd guess that we can arrange
something for smaller figures as well  :)

However, I'd also like to invite you to consider sponsoring the Libre
Graphics Meeting. At least they have clear-cut conditions, outlined at

The Libre Graphics Meeting is something Gimp actively participates in,
it is one of the best conference series I ever attended. The sheer
amount of creativity and collaborative spirit there is intense and
really great.

The Gimp project uses a lot of its budget to sponsor attendants to LGM
(typically attendants somehow connected to the Gimp project, but that is
not strictly necessary), so we most likely would use your donation for
the same purpose.

I hope this helps at least a bit,

             simon budig de    

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