[Gimp-web] The downloads page could use a bit more hinting about what to click on

Here is an email I got from my mother:


Scott – I was looking online at drawing techniques when I found that
someone recommended GIMP.  GIMP is  which is supposed to be an open
source image editing software that is a free alternative to Adobe
Photoshop and other commercial applications – generally used by Linux
users.  Have you heard of it?  When I went to the website it directed
me to another website where I had do some programing  after I
downloaded it.  Mom

wikiHow – install GIMP

first website

second website


She's not a sophisticated computer user (though she has done graphic
design).  I believe she just failed to download gimp entirely and
instead got lost on the page's md5 sums and references to source code,
never actually seeing the small download link after the first block of

I would suggest instead of having the link she needs to click be
titled "HTTP" there instead be a clickable obvious button of some sort
with active verbs, like "Download Gimp for Windows".  A larger icon to
set it apart might also help.

Scott Ritchie

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