Re: [Gimp-web] Adding Sharefest as an alternative download method

On 30.08.2013 00:05, Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:

Imagine a security breach on one of them, and we recommended it?

I'll be honest: this offer has a really bad timing.

All those "Install IQ/ Download Admin" ads, the genuine trojaned
gimphost.* crap and the download-arrow-faking ads at SourceForge (and
their recent 'hey., use our adware-installing installer' move) put me in
an "everyone who is not part of a FLOSS community is trying to kill
FLOSS" mood.

"Secured, anonymous, instant,"...

We obviously would not want the anonymous part for files like
installers, but verifiable checksums and signed files. Does the protocol
allow to check for that, preferably befire the user downloads anything?

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