Re: [Gimp-web] Adding Sharefest as an alternative download method

Hi Hadar
Saw your post on Gimp-Web-list gnome org
I gave it a try on Chrome.
First copied a small file from one PC to another of mine - worked fine.
Currently d/l'ing the GIMP exe to both PC's ... a little later ... worked fine - currently shows [Connected to 2 peers]

Suggestion - it would be "nice" if user gets to select destination on his PC before starting rather than at completion (possibly even pre-allocate the file as can be done with uTorrent so the user can allow the transfer to complete unattended rather than having to select destination at end). Note: - this may be because I've set Chrome to always request download location but I don't think the two s/b incompatible.

I'm a GIMP-user not a developer so can't put the link on but looks like a good idea to me. I guess the Iframe you speak of would show the number of current peers? NEAT.

Is your request to put the link/iframe on a commitment on your part to keep your end up 24/7 for foreseeable future and to update to newer versions as they get issued?

Note: I tried to use IRC (as "alec"). I appear to show up on the irc page but can't figure out how to actually communicate with any of the others shown as logged in. ... later ... resolved but no-one responding to me ...

Regards ... Alec   (buralex gmail&  WinLiveMess - alec m burgess skype)

On 2013-08-29 11:02, Hadar Weiss wrote:

I'm Hadar Weiss, author of Sharefest. Sharefest is an open source project
for P2P filesharing. Web-based Bittorrent if you wish. We want to deliver
open source software for free and feature GIMP in our site to let people
download it. To make it more efficient and fast to download, it will be
helpful if you include link to Sharefest from

Here's our download page for the windows installer (which can also be embedded in an Iframe
if you wish).

Thanks for this great software,
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