[Gimp-web] Request to reproduce a screenshot of the GIMP site

Hi everyone - please forgive me if my request seems ludicrous. I'm
trying to make sure I follow the proper procedure for this sort of

I am currently finishing up a chapter for an edited collection of
academic essays on 'digital ethos,' and my chapter focuses on the ways
that different software website developers (like GIMP's development
community) establish a particular sense of character & credibility on
their websites.

I have a screenshot for the GIMP homepage I took back in late 2011
when I was drafting the essay, and I was hoping I could receive
official permission from a representative of GIMP's web team (like I
said, I apologize if this sounds ludicrous) to reproduce it in the
book, which should be published next year. I'm happy to provide more
information as needed/desired.

Thank you for your consideration.
Kevin Brock

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