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Hello Dimitris!

As I rather know Photosgop (CS6) as good as GIMP, here my annotations:
Photoshop is an image manipulation program, GIMP is.
Photoshop can handle images in CMYK (work for 4-color-printing), GIMP, till
now, can´t.
Photoshop has an in-built program to make panoramic images from a number of
single shots, GIMP hasn´t.
Photoshop comes with an in-built RAW-converter, for GIMP you have to
install separate plug-ins to convert RAW images.
Photoshop offers a range of tools for non-destructive image editing like
layer settings, GIMP till now only offers layer masks.
Photoshop has some functions and assistants like aligning images for
retouche that GIMP hasn´t.
IMHO GIMP has more sophisticated transformation tools than Photoshop.
GIMP can handle more file formats than Photoshop.
You may program your own filters - skript-fus - for GIMP, but not for
AFAIK you can load Photoshop brushes and patterns into GIMP.
Besides these differences, the tools and functions of GIMP are similar to
those of Photoshop, you can do the same work in GIMP as in Photoshop, even
ith a similar workflow..
IMHO the handling of the tools and functions, the workspace of Photoshop is
a bit more intuitive and handsome than that of GIMP.

Klaus Gölker

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Sorry for the late reply but I noticed this today when going over the
mailing list. One significant difference to me is that Photoshop supports
10-bit color depth for display output, but as far as I have been able to
determine, GIMP currently only supports 8-bit.

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The last day I've been looking at various reviews of GIMP compared to

Photoshop (on the image editing aspect only, as I know GIMP does not

on anything else), yet none seem satisfying enough: they are being a bit

vague with not many specific examples. I have seen some giving specific

examples for brushes, selection tools and... generally editing tools, but

I'm still not sure whether to trust them, because most people write

without actually learning GIMP in such depth as Photoshop.

In short, they say GIMP lacks the convenience that Photoshop provides on

how to handle tools and brushes. And also, they say the GUI is nicer over

at Photoshop, but I cannot guarantee that.

On the other hand, I have heard that GIMP has actually been easier to use

and learn and more flexible than Photoshop. They say GIMP is actually

greater at photo editing than Photoshop is.

You can really see that opinions vary so much, I really don't what to

conclude. Lastly, as I am really clueless about photo editing, I will

to the Adobe Photoshop website which contains some short videos (gifs?)

that show how photoshop works. They gave me the impression that the

software works really smoothly (might be false of course, because of its

size) and that it's really simple if you know what you are looking for.

Could GIMP be like that too?

I really don't know and that's why I ask you, who seem to have a lot of

experience at such, photo editing, software like Photoshop. So, again,

looking only at the photo editing aspect of Photoshop, what kind of

(tools,brushes, file formats, UI-related) do you think that Photoshop can

handle better/worse than GIMP? I planned to make this mail short but

miserably so if you made it this far, I appreciate it!

Just a fan of FOSS and (GNU)Linux,

Dimitris Giannos

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