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Has a long time Linux user and gimp user on practically every operating
system, Kenny is right this is an accessibility and a disability issue.
My recommendation is that you find a Linux user group in your town if there
is one and contact them, because this is a topic that would be ripe to be
addressed for a users group meeting or meet up. Do you know how people
who’ve never used it before attend the meetings and bring a box with them
and they install Linux on it for you well I’m sure an admin of Lenix can do
it for you in about 10 minutes and show you how to do it if you ever need
to if it’s possible for you.
That’s my two cents. I’m jealous you got To meet Steve Jobs. I actually had
a friend once who is an administrator and a programmer of the graphics
system I worked on at Bell Atlantic that became Verizon, and he was a
programmer in visual basic stuff like that, and then he went on to work at
next computing with Steve Jobs. Those are nice days in the 90s. Have a good
week stay safe.

On Thu, Sep 17, 2020 at 7:23 PM Jehan Pagès via gimp-user-list <
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Hello Kenny,

First of all, I am sorry to hear about your condition.

Unfortunately we don't store any compiled package for GIMP on Linux (unlike

Windows/macOS packages). Even our flatpak is quite new (since late GIMP 2.8

releases, if not mistaken). The Flathub repository actually stores an

history of former builds, so it is actually possible to install older

builds (this is quite a hidden feature of Flatpak, very useful for

debugging), but I just checked and the 2.8 builds are long gone because

Flathub only stores up to 25 builds (which makes me think that maybe we

should store standalone Flatpak builds on our download server, but someone

would have to do the work to automatize this as much as possible). So you

are out of luck here.

Maybe you should be able to get older .deb packages of Linux Mint. Normally

distributions also keep their older packages and there are also some

websites which keep archives of all packages made for various

distributions. So I'm sure GIMP 2.8.x packages for Mint can be found. And

if you are lucky, these older packages can still be installed manually and

work on a newer distribution. You should ask about this on Linux Mint


As for the remark of overlooking legacy, I believe GIMP to be quite good on

this actually. We take a lot of care to not break too much older usage, and

rarely remove a feature without implementing first a better alternative,

nor do we change things on a whim without thinking hard about it. Now we

still have to evolve. Caring about compatibility is important, but it

should not mean being stuck in the past. Still I am sorry to read about

such a neurological disorder and I do wish you all the best. If finding an

older GIMP is the best for you, I hope you'll find an older version and

continue doing more of the nice photography artworks you linked earlier. 🙂



On Wed, Sep 16, 2020 at 9:17 PM Kenny Mann via gimp-user-list <

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I just discovered that tools can be ungrouped in GIMP 2.10

(Sure, I can hold onto the concept that a tool is made visible by looking

inside the group of related tools, but with my particular cognitive

disorder, things that aren't visible tend to not exist in any functional

sense. Imagine if the location of absolutely everything in the world were

like the last time you lost your keys -- everything, all day, every day,

your whole life.)

Ungrouping the tools I use regularly makes it possible to have the

in 2.10 appear as it always has in GIMP 2 -- a major cognitive help.

Oh And: Now I see that the layers tab can be dragged to the set at the

of the column and the brushes can be dragged to the set at the bottom.

nice not having the layers panel disappear until I look where the brushes

always were and then keep finding the brushes have disappeared until I

glance upward.

Yes, having things only truly functionally exist when they're in view is

weird. Be very glad you can take it for granted that things exist in

locations on routes that you can keep track of without applying total

conscious effort every single time.

Picture GIMP in your mind's eye. I can't. If you were to ask me where

things are in GIMP when I don't have the app open, I couldn't tell you,

even if you offered me an all-expenses-paid trip to Mars.

On Fri, Sep 4, 2020 at 2:50 PM Kenny Mann <kenny mann mal gmail com>


Why is GIMP 2.8.16 not available?


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