[Gimp-user] Trouble getting GIMP to work - occasionally

I think it may be more fair to say that it work's occasionally, and most of
the time it doesn't.

I'm using a MacBook Air, which I know isn't optimal for GIMP, and I have
the latest version available for MacOS (GIMP 2.10.14).

What happens is I open up GIMP, and try and start a project - and most of
the times it will at least open up the picture I mean to work with, or
start a blank canvas if I ask for it - but it won't let me select any
tools, and whatever I try to do to the picture using the toolbar at the top
of my window won't do anything either.
Like I can for instance open up Colors -> Brightness-Contrast, but it won't
do anything to the image even if I go to 100.

I'm not sure how to search for this issue, so I figured in the end it would
be better to try and make a post of my own. I've tried to delete and
reinstall it a couple of times, but it's an issue which just keep recurring.

Thanks for your help in advance!

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