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On Wed, Mar 25, 2020 at 10:03:16PM -0700, addiesdaddy17 via gimp-user-list wrote:

So really enjoy GIMP so far and was wondering if I could have permission to plug it in a series of YouTube 
videos and Twitch streams. I’m a new Video Content Creator for residential Audio Video Installation, 
Product Reviews and Tutorials. I also plan on making another stream for Music Production Techniques. 

No - don't do it!

Let me know if you can send high rez graphics for the plug in the videos and if there are any restrictions 
you would like me to adhere to. I can provide a Google Docs link for you to review all content before it is 
uploaded. If it is a Live Stream, I will send you a screenshot of my overlays. 

-Ryan Cobb-


Celestial A/V -Owner-

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