Re: [Gimp-user] Remove Transparencies

Am 07.03.20 um 12:53 schrieb bungle77:

Thanks, i take the image here
i save as image (see attached file)

If you take the image that is shown there, then you are working with the
preview image the site is showing you. In this preview, the added
checkerboard pattern is used to symbolize transparency, because that
aspect is otherwise hard to see (pun intended).

Notice that there is also a link there to download the larger version?
That one is the file you want, and it has got proper transparency.

This is quite common for such image sites, and something you have to
understand when getting transparent images from them, unless you want to
do unnecessary extra steps like the following every time you get images
from there:

If it is not a real transparency as you said, i should be able to delete it with
the rubber, but i can't do it

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