[Gimp-user] Remove Transparencies

Thanks, i take the image here 
i save as image (see attached file)

If it is not a real transparency as you said, i should be able to
delete it with
the rubber, but i can't do it

You need to add transparency (alpha channel) to the image for the eraser to work
(otherwise it paints in the BG colour)

Use menu Layer -> Transparency -> Add Alpha Channel   If that entry is greyed
out, the image already has an alpha channel

For some images, a fuzzy select on the background, and Edit -> Cut might be
sufficient  see: https://imgur.com/H7UYgg7

Others will be more difficult, your attached image originally had
semi-transparent pixels in the edge. Never going to be wonderful without a bit
of correction.  https://imgur.com/IGwfRt8

Save your work as a Gimp .xcf image which keeps layers, transparency. Export as
a .png to flatten an image and keep transparency.

rich404 (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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