Re: [Gimp-user] VPAT Software Request

On 2020-06-12 12:55, Gene Heskett wrote:
On Friday 12 June 2020 08:33:47 Michael Schumacher wrote:
clicking on this, also opens a blank page, with the .odt name in the 
lower left corner. double-clicking on that opens libreoffice and shows 
it, and will export a ITI.VPAT(1).pdf that chromiun can display just 

I didn't try this .doc link.
Point being that a good .pdf just works, this doesn't without loading 
the .odt and reprocessing it.

Could be that simply exporting the ODT to PDF with LibreOffice will
now create a PDF file Chromium does like, maybe you could try this?

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Cheers, Gene Heskett

This is a good PDF, Firefox on Windows 10 Pro. The problem exists with
Chromium or your particular setup.

Joseph A. Nagy, Jr.
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