[Gimp-user] Smudge tool changed!

Thank you so much Rich.  If you look at the picture of the tool itself, I'm
looking toward the top right under where it says "smudge"... there is a dropdown
for "mode" but when I click to drop it down, it doesn't.  Suggestions?

I used to have a round circle smudge cursor (I think that's what it
is) and
suddenly it's change into an oblong shape that doesn't move the color,
instead seems to break it apart and cast broken lines instead of a
hard line.

The pic on the left, you'll see that sometimes it's oblong. The middle
one shows
how it looks at other times.  The one on the right, shows it doesn't
smudge in
solid form.

You'll also see on the right of the 4th screen shot, about the tool
there are a
lot of small square icons on the top... that was me clicking on things
to try
and figure out what happened or how to change it back.  As you can
see, I am not
very savvy about gimp.

Can you help?


Sharzi (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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