Re: [Gimp-user] Display id's for gimp-display-delete in Script-Fu

On 1/15/20 2:56 AM, Taliesin thePenguinSlayer via gimp-user-list wrote:
The Procedure Browser lists one parameter for gimp-display-delete, the ID of the display you wish to delete, 
but the vague notes in the Browser offer no help beyond suggesting that display ID's exist. I haven't been 
able to find any information on how display iD's are assigned, how they are formatted, or how to determine 
what a display's ID is if you don't already know it. Can anyone shed some light on this issue?

The general philosophy of Gimp scripts/plugins is that they cannot
interfere with the UI. A consequence is that you cannot delete a display
that you didn't create (when you create one, you get its ID, so you can
delete it later).

As far as I can tell, display IDs are generated in sequence like image
IDs. So for simple cases, displayID==imageID but this falls apart when
you have more than one display for an image (View>New view) because this
offsets the display ID from the image ID for some of the displays (and
you cannot really tell which).

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