[Gimp-user] .XCompose bug with GIMP?

Hi --

I frequently use the compose key to enter special characters in text fields in GIMP, e.g. ♯ (that's a sharp symbol, not sure if it will make it through the mailing list.) Works fine.

I recently set up an .XCompose file to get convenient access to a couple more specific symbols (U+1D106 and U+1D107):


include %L
<Multi_key> <numbersign> <bracketleft> : "𝄆" # measure repeat symbol start
<Multi_key> <numbersign> <bracketright> : "𝄇" # measure repeat symbol end


It works fine, but not in GIMP.

If I open LibreOffice Writer, I can enter the character as expected. If I open GIMP, no character is entered in to the text field.

If I copy the character from LibreOffice to GIMP, it inserts properly in to the text field. The font choice doesn't seem to be the issue in GIMP, as the selected fonts do seem to have the character in them.

Is this a GIMP bug? Did I read somewhere that .XCompose is interpreted per application? If so, is GIMP ignoring it?

Thanks for any insight.


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