[Gimp-user] Need help with jpg-cannot get it to work..

Hi Rick,
I have never used gimp before-only photoshop so this is my first project with
Plus there is no manual for this version so I have no instructions-
im feeling a bit like a fish out of water..
I have heard such great things about gimp but I am totally lost-
could you help with this and show me how to get it to look the way I need?


Start by increasing the contrast of your colour photo.

Rick S.

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Subject: [Gimp-user] Need help with jpg-cannot get it to work..

Im hoping someone can help me. I have a color photo I need to turn
into a
coloring book page.

Im using gimp 2.10.14

I have tried everything I can find about doing this with older
versions of
but when I use those directions they don't work as the menu has
doesn't seem to be any documentation on how to do this in this
version. Can
anyone do me a favor and walk me thru this? When I try it the old way
I just
wind up with black and white blobs.

I am starting with a color photo that is a jpg.
I turn it into greyscale.
I need to make a duplicate to work on.

now what? It needs to wind up a lined pic suitable to use as a

Thanks so much!


theweblady (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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