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Happily those images can be edited given they have large areas of the same color. But, two caveats --

1. Be very sure that the content of these images are not copyright if you intend to use them for anything other than personal use or artistic purpose. They appear in your examples to be images of some device display. Such are almost surely under copyright. A word to the wise and all that.

2. You can NOT tell what fonts were used by the people who originally made those images unless you have documentation that tells you this or there is some kind of EXIF data for those images that contain such information (which is almost surely not true).

The best you can do is compare the fonts on your computer with the fonts in the images and try to find as close a match as you have. GIMP will show in its Text control the fonts on your computer. You can use your operating system's Font control panel (e.g., in Windows10 click on the taskbar Start menu, type Font, and run the 'Font Settings' application; Windows will open it; it will show all fonts installed with a small example of the font so youc an gauge whether it is similar to the fonts in the images you want to edit).

This said, it is also possible to install new fonts if you find that none of those your computer currently have are acceptable. Google maintains a very large collection of non-commercial fonts that you may use:

So, a fair bit of effort just to identify a font you can use, I'm afraid.

To "replace" the fonts is fairly straightforward:

1. Open image
2. Duplicate layer
3. Use the Color Picker (type O) tool to select the color behind the font
4. Switch the Foreground to Background (the two color boxes at the
   bottom of the toolbox) and use the same tool to select the font color
5. Add some guides for the font baseline and the font begin point, and
   the font height
6. Switch the colors again and use the Brush tool to color over the font
7. Switch the colors again and use the Text tool, selecting the font
   you wish to use, and add your new font starting with the guide
   point; you'll likely need to play with the font size to "fit" the
   font height to the guides you added earlier


On 2/15/2020 8:52 AM, OdieZ wrote:
I an new to Gimp and not very god at it, I have a lot of images that I want to
change the text on it, It must be the same font.

1 How do I know what font it is
2. How do I change the font to new text.

Is there a step by stem to show how this can be done.  I want to change the

Hera are two screens to show what I want to try to do.



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