Re: [Gimp-user] cant move selection under layer

On 2/11/20 9:22 PM, tjohansen wrote:
I can see its a bug.

When triyng with a new image with a layer on top, it works fine.

Then trying with an existing image with 20 layers it fails.
Maybe its because it was made in 2.8?

The "problem" is how the Move tool works. By default is picks the
topmost layer which isn't completely transparent where you click. This
cannot be used when one of your top layers spans the whole canvas and is
not completely transparent anywhere, but is otherwise very convenient in
most uses of the Move tool.

The other behavior is to move the active layer. You can then select the
layer to move in the layers list. You can temporarily switch to that
mode by depressing the shift key when you click, or set it permanently
in the Move tool options.

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