[Gimp-user] cant move selection under layer

dont know what I have activated.....

but I have a semi transparent wireframe layer ontop of other layers.

normally I select a region in a underlying layers, cut it at paste it,
then I
can move it around.

But now I cant as long as there is a visible layer ontop.
now when I cut and paste it, I cant move afterwards.

If I hide the layer in top I can move the selection..... Why???
and how to change it back.

Reported as a bug but no obvious action to fix. 

You already  have one fix. Turn 'semi-transparent-template' layer visibility

Other ways. Use the keyboard arrows - (shift + arrow is larger move) Snag, easy
to anchor the float by mistake.

Use the move tool with "move the active layer" enabled

Promote the floating layer to a new layer and move.

If possible remove the background from the "semi transparent wireframe" layer so
it is a true lines-on-transparency. Then it works as before.

rich404 (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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