Re: [Gimp-user] Issues with text along path

On 28/08/2020 19:58, Rick Strong wrote:
Hi Akkana,

Since you got text on a path to work, would you be so good as to
outline the
steps doing it in point form?

Also, how can the text be placed (or moved to) any point on the
outside or
inside of a circle?

The built-in T-A-P starts the text on the beginning of the path. If you
have a circle you can open the circle at any point to redefine its
beginning, just add a point (Ctrl-Click) where you want it to start,
another point just before, and delete the segment between the two
(Ctrl-Shift-click). And if you need a closed circle you can reconnect
the two points, the circle will still be starting on one of these.

Otherwise, I have a quite popular plugin to layout text along a path,
with many options that make it somewhat easier to use:

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