Re: [Gimp-user] Issues with text along path

Kathy N via gimp-user-list writes:
I am trying to follow the instruction on the video was provided online. 

I follow everything except I am having trouble with the top part that is not aligned with the circle / text 
along path. Please see picture attachment.

This list strips image attachments, so there's no way to know
what problem you're describing. Can you upload the image somewhere?
It might also help to describe the steps you're following and at
which step the image doesn't look like you expect.

Rick Strong writes:
I don't want to be discouraging but text on a path just doesn't work in GIMP
2.10.18. The online Help doc is useless here.

Text Along Path isn't the easiest GIMP function to use, but it works
for me in 2.10.18.


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