[Gimp-user] Text with accents


I'm using 2.10.20 and I want to create some text using accents
(specifically, in the first case, a german umlaut).  I've found out
how to use the installed system fonts (backsppace to the beginning
of hte font name, type the first letter, choose from list) and I've
chosen one which I think will look right.  But when I type ä
(a-umlaut if you can't read that) I just get a plain a.  Similarly
with other accents, although my key for ß (capital letter sharp S)

I'm using regular accents e.g. U+00e4 for small letter a with
diaeresis, not combining characters because I don't have those
mapped on my keyboard.

Is there any way to get the accented letters ?

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