[Gimp-user] Feedback - Very saturated and darkened fotos

At first my demand was answered by Liam R E Quin and I thanked him.

However, I should test what was suggested to me.

I adopted the procedure but it was not possible to experiment and evaluate
the instruction received.

Moments before, I had performed several actions to desaturate the images,
but the only one that worked was Filters / Color / Hue to White /
Brightness / Lightness: 1.73 over-saturation: 0.29 brightness: 0.00.

This procedure provided an approximate result of the original image, see

GIMP memorized the filters that I had applied, and I was unable to assess
whether the subsequent results were generated from Liam's instruction or
from my procedure.

But I liked being able to count on such solutions, however more tests would
be necessary, but I had to stop everything (my fists became painful -

Now, when returning the action in new image editing processes in GIMP to
use on the website and in a 3D builder, the problem resurfaced and did not
work in the “non-linear before exporting” mode, nor did it work for the
Filters I used.

I appealed to the Firework and got an approximate result to the original,
see attachment. In photoshop it opened perfectly, without any problems.
However, if I need to retouch images edited in GIMP in another editor, the
program will no longer be useful, which would be unfortunate. For this
reason I seek solutions.

Summary: The images are perfect in GIMP. I adjust them, change the format,
lighting and contrast, everything is beautiful. But when they are opened in
other applications the images are strangely saturated and dark, this can be
seen in the icons displayed in the file folder.

I have been editing images for some years, but I may not be familiar with
the software.

It is currently working well, but I don't know when the bug will occur

P.S .: Unfortunately, it is not always possible for me to post feedbacks.

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