[Gimp-user] SVG to PNG using a script


I'm looking into Gimp as a viable scripting solution for a project however
most of the scripting references I'm finding are either sparse or dated.

I was wonder if there was a way to utilize Gimp's scripting system to
convert an SVG to a PNG?

The best resource I've found is here however, attempts to run this on my
machine are failing using GIMP 2.1.0.


The script I'm running:
gimp -i --batch='(svg-to-raster "src.svg" "dst.png" 72 0 0)'

Unfortunately it throws the following error:
batch command experienced an execution error:
Error: eval: unbound variable: file-svg

I'm using MacOS to write the script, but the target platform is Windows.

I understand there are many other tools for performing this conversion (and
I'm leveraging these tools in other parts of code) but I was hoping to
write this as a fallback for this particular system.

Best regards,


- Tres Finocchiaro gmail com

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