Re: [Gimp-user] Text pixelated

On 02/04/2020 17:43, scotts wrote:
I have read several posts on this topic, yet I cannot find a solution. I cannot
get my text to look decent... it is totally pixelated. I've tried dozens of
different fonts, sizes, hinting, anti-aliasing, etc.

I've attached a screenshot I'm working on. The exported image is worse;
RGB-alpha, 300 dpi, zero compression.

Any suggestions?


At 15px (which is really 10px high for uppercase, and even less for
lowercase) all text looks pixellated. On your display it can look
cleaner because they can use subpixel-rendering(*), but this only works
if the text is generated on the fly for the current display, in a bitmap
image you could make the text look a bit better for some but a lot worse
for others.

If you intend the image to be printed a 15px font is much too small anyway.

If your image is mostly text, Gimp is the wrong tool.


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