[Gimp-user] GIMP 2.10.8: Free Select Tool doesn't work anymore (it's NOT active)


I have a problem in new GIMP 2.10.8 which did not exist in my previous
Free Select Tool doesn't work anymore and I can't remove the backround
around the product.
My goal is to create a transparent PNG-file of my product - like always.

1) I added Alpha Channel (bolded)

2) I chose my image with FREE SELECT TOOL (F) and ended the free circle

--> but in this new GIMP-version, the circle does not seem to be active
(there are no moving dashed line anymore)

3) However after that I chose INVERTED

4) Clicked DEL to move the backround around the product

--> but everytime I do this, the product itself will be removed - not the
backround I want to remove.

This is the way I'm using for creating transparent backround photos.


Could you help me ?


Sami Törmi

viruksia. www.avast.com

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