[Gimp-user] CMYK Out of Gamut due to GIMP version-- or my PC monitor

The best advice is, if CMYK is required, start and finish using CMYK.

Since that is not possible using GIMP, convert the color space using
an application such as Krita and export the converted cmyk jpeg.
screenshot https://i.imgur.com/pxhxvOK.jpg

The attached is comparing the CMYK with the original RGB and those
yellows (gold) & white (silver?) are going to be most of the problem.

You do not give OS but if linux or Win and Gimp 2.10.x then worth
looking at the Cyan application, can be used as a Gimp plugin.

A short video demo:  https://youtu.be/1A0Aaoy1mhQ

(Nice cover, but being a cynical old civ-eng, a lapsed architect is
the best architect.)

Thanks for the comparison image.  Going by that (though you don't state it
outright), the way-out-of-gamut problem is with my PC's monitor, and I won't
have to fool around with the RBG file too much to get something acceptable in
CMYK.  You mention the yellow and white:  The ironic thing is that on that bad
proof the yellows and whites were the only colors left.  All the blues and even
the blacks showed up in out-of-gamut magenta.

I've heard of Krita and I'll download it and see if it will do the trick.  Is
there anything in particular I need to know about it?  The essential thing is
that the final file has to be in PDF, and not just any PDF, but  PDF/X-1a:2001
or PDF/X-3:2002.  But I'll climb that hill when I get to it.

(Incidentally, I did mention the OSs--- Windows 10 on the PC and Windows 7 on
the laptop.  Does that affect anything?)

recoveringartist (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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