[Gimp-user] Gimp macro recorder?

Are there any plans to equip Gimp with macro recorder? I mean kind of tool
present, for example, in LightRoom, where every change applied to picture is
listed on the screen - and one can then copy a whole "procedure" with simple
<Control>-<C> then apply that series of commands by <Control>-<V> onto any
other picture, not being forced to start whole procedure all over again.

And such recorded list of procedures/commands - and I mean literally every
procedure listed in GIMP's menus, be it internal command or installed script
- it should be possible to save it into ordinary text file, and then to use
it as a parameter in case of batch processing, I mean something like this
(parameters fictional, just example how do I see this):

 gimp -procedure recorded-commands.txt --no-gui *.jpg --output new/*.jpg

Something like this should apply recorded actions - one after another - to
each *.jpg file found in current directory. I mean batch processing using
GIMP in ImageMagick's way. Correcting only one picture - while recording
actions during the process - then applying sequence of actions to whole set
of next pictures, using GIMP as command-line tool.

GIMP has long history - but if I'm correct it still doesn't have such
ability until this day. Yes, I found some tools like BIMP, I found the tips
"learn Script-Fu language" - but actually why until now such obvious thing
requires learning special programming language? GIMP "knows" what have I
done while processing picture, so it should be able to list my actions like

sharpen 75%
resize 10% down
some-script-action (applied)
wavelet-denoise <...parameters...>
draw-a-line using brush, color etc.

...and such list - generated on automatic, during my work - should be usable
(saved into text file) as an input for batch processing "command line" mode.

Anything like this planned, or in preparation?

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